A Vintage Delicafe Story

Enjoying good food served by friendly staff

Since our opening in 2009, we’ve had the privilege to be part of the special occasions you’ve had with your families, friends, working colleagues and loved ones. And by all means, make a mess and laugh out loud – it’s good to know you’re having a great time.

No one’s perfect – us included. We encourage you to provide us with constructive feedback on our food, service, menu, price; in fact anything at all so we’d know how you’d like your next visit to be.

We know how it is to find that one place which everyone can come together and enjoy a good meal to celebrate a momentous event or just to reunite old ties. How do we know? Because Vintage Delicafe is run by a family.

Enjoying good food served by friendly staff in a cozy place shouldn’t come with a heavy price.